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The 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival
29 September - 14 October, 2006
10 pm, 9 pm Sunday (no show monday)
Festval Hub - Meeting Room, North Melbourne Town Hall

For the first time in Australia, an unholy theatrical trinity of Toronto, New York and Melbourne is proud to present a marquee production of Toronto’s Alley Theatre Workshop - Stanley Rutherford’s THE CHINESE ART OF PLACEMENT, performed by Stephen Najera & directed by Rusty Owen.

This award-winning one-man show received a wide critical acclaim in Toronto, and provided a launch for Toronto's Alley Theatre Workshop.

Full of bark and bite, THE CHINESE ART OF PLACEMENT
carries on the tradition of theatre as an art of confrontation and risk-taking. Unsettling and wildly funny, the play embodies the true cosmopolitanism of the independent theatre scene and its ability to bust borders between artists and theatre-lovers all across the world.

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